About SandpiperCI

SandpiperCI is an international retail and food service operator with over 80 stores across five territories. We are proud to be a franchise partner with 10 of the world’s best brands as well as managing five locally grown brands to bring great shopping experiences to thousands of customers across the Channel Islands, Gibraltar and England.

Key Facts

  • More than 70 Stores

    Including food, clothing, home, tech, and hospitality sectors

  • Across 5 Territories

    Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Isle of Man and Gibraltar

  • 10 Franchises

    We work in partnership with 10 blue chip retail brands

  • 5 Own Brands

    Checkers Xpress, Wine Warehouse, Le Cocq’s Stores, iQ, and The Gibraltar Bakery

  • 1 Shopping and Eating Venue

    Liberty Wharf holds 17 stores, 3 of which are SandpiperCI franchises

  • 120+ Charities Supported

    We supported over 120 charities, schools, and organisations last year

  • 280,000 Transactions a week

    1.5 purchases a week per Channel islander

  • More than 30 Local Suppliers

    Within the food and retail industry we support local suppliers by stocking their produce in our stores

Established in 2007

In February 2016 the business was bought by a consortium of Channel Islands based investors together with the Management team.

Senior Management

A wealth of experience leading the way.

Community & CSR

We continue to support the local community through a variety of projects and are keen to attract donations and sponsorship to keep this good work going.