Marks and Spencers Management meet to discuss future plans

Yesterday was the first time in a long time that the M&S management team we were all able to meet face to face in the same room to discuss sales, products, people, and best practices in general!

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Our team created a virtual Nuno, one of our store managers, who guided us through the PowerPoint presentation using various comedic images!

Stephen Forrester joined us and was able to express his gratitude to the team for their dedication and hard work during the pandemic, as well as for how well they have adapted to this difficult environment. We discussed the future plans for both foods (David Lavington) and clothing & home (Rachael Hirst) businesses and how we could work together more effectively.

Following a pizza lunch, we put the teams through their paces with a Lego building challenge! They were required to form groups and construct either their own M&S store or something that reflected their role as a manager. Nuno and Josie created a store with an outdoor play area, sandpit, and pool for children. The walls were multi-colored bricks to symbolise pride, selling flowers and wine and was they called it “our store.”

Other entries included a model of our new M&S St Martin store complete with parking spaces, trees, and trolley bay, bbq pits and a delivery truck.

It was wonderful to see each other again! Many thanks to the M&S team!