Marks & Spencer Jersey donate £300,000 worth of food per year

For many years, Marks and Spencer Jersey has partnered with The Shelter Trust, donating around £300,000 of food each year.

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The Trust assists Jersey’s homeless community and our donations are used to provide meals to help support their service users across the Trust’s sites and projects. Throughout the pandemic, the Trust has also been a rock for many Islanders who have been lonely, providing real-life contact with people and delivering hot and fresh food parcels.

Meals are essential for residents, and The Trust currently provides three meals per day across the organisation, supporting up to 100 service users per day.

The Trust visits our M&S stores across the island almost every day, which helps us support our local community while also combating food waste.

Marks & Spencer’s support is essential to The Trust because we can provide a variety of items that cater to specific dietary needs, such as vegetarians, vegans, and those with food intolerances.

Stuart from Shelter Trust said “With people trapped in hotels with no amenities other than a kettle last year, M&S was a godsend. M&S was able to offer ready-to-eat meals as well as snacks, fresh fruit, and sandwiches to parcels.”

We hugely support all the great work The Shelter Trust does in our community and we look forward to continuing to help them in the future.