About Jersey Hospice Care

The local charity take care of anyone with a life limiting illness. "We recognise and respect that each person is unique and we therefore offer a holistic approach - which aims to help people get the personalised care they need, make the most of what time is left, and ultimately, to help each person live life to the full. Everyone cared for at Hospice is supported to die pain free, with dignity, and in a place of their choosing." - Jersey Hospice Care

What did we donate?

Several pallets of clothing and bedding were among the goodies donated. There were all sorts of essential items such as shoes, jumpers, jackets, Mattress toppers and protectors. A mixture of adult and children's clothing was also given from jeans to blouses, and even some adorable baby dungarees and teddy suits!

Why is it important?

There are not only benefits to our local community with donations such as this. The fashion retail industry contributes tonnes of garments to landfill every year. This is why it is so important that organisations like Jersey Hospice Care, are able to take donations make sure they are put to good use. From providing Hospice recipients the comfort, to supporting the loved ones affected. To discover more about Jersey Hospice Care and how to help, you can visit their website below.