SandpiperCI Supports Employee through CMI Apprenticeship

We are delighted to celebrate, Mikaela, merchandiser for SandpiperCI, who recently graduated from the CMI Jersey Apprenticeship with a full CMI Level 3 Diploma.

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Mikaela has developed the necessary management and leadership skills, as well as personal effectiveness and self-awareness, to build and lead high-performing teams to increase workplace efficiency.

The CMI Apprenticeship programme was launched in 2019 to enhance the skills of future Jersey leaders, enabling them to advance in their careers and ensure the sustainability of Jersey employees. Mikaela said, the CMI Jersey apprenticeship has been important, not just for me, but also for others around me, as I have gained confidence in my own managing abilities while also applying what I have learnt in the workplace to assist grow those around me.

We are proud to have supported Mikaela during this new and exciting opportunity, which enables us at Sandpiper to develop a diversified management and leadership team. Brand Director, Clair Sequeira, commented, “I would like to congratulate Mikaela on this tremendous success; her devotion and hard work over the last two years have been well rewarded, well done.”

Well done Mikaela!