Trident Student – Work Experience with SandpiperCI

Meet our latest Trident students and find out what they enjoyed most about their time at SandpiperCI.

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We have supported Trident for several years, with students in years 10 and 11 joining us from schools all over the island for their 2-3 week placement. Students gain insight into the world of working, with a wide variety of tasks and areas of learning available. At this stage, many have never worked, so the concept is totally new to them – the aim is to give them a chance to see what a working environment is like, instil a work ethos and help them build life and employability skills.

Meet our latest placements from February 2022 and find out what they found most beneficial about working with us:


I have enjoyed my Trident experience at the iQ store. It has given me a really great idea of what working in Sales is like and how to serve customers professionally. I also enjoyed working with Apple tech. I believe this was a great experience that I can take into future working environments.

Trident student at iQ, Liberty Wharf

During my placement, I have enjoyed working in all areas of the Foodhall and getting to know the daily rhythm and routine. I have learned that date checking and food storage are very important during my placement.

Trident student at M&S Food, King Street

I am very pleased with my Trident placement. I am also thrilled that it concluded in such a positive way. The staff was very kind and positive, and the locals were all very nice. After a while, I could remember orders just by looking at people which I am very happy about it. Overall, I am very pleased with the Trident placement.

Trident student at Costa Coffee, Queen Street