SandpiperCI Guernsey take part in Le Val De Terres Everest Challenge

Our team of 10 from SandpiperCI Guernsey are taking part in Le Val De Terres Everest Challenge, raising funds for the Sarah Groves Foundation and Guernsey Mind

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Our team needs to walk around Le Val de Terres, George Road and  Havelet 115 times.  Each lap is 1.6KM long with an elevation of 77M. With a total of 115 laps, this will equate to the height of Mount Everest (8848M).  Our challenge is set to run for 30 days.

This challenge supports two incredible charities, that are doing their part to improve the quality of life for the people of Guernsey. The Sarah Groves Foundation is a non-profit, charitable trust to enhance the lives of young people, their mission statement is  “Enhancing young people”.

They focus mainly on children, art, fitness and adventure. On the fundraising side, they organise and support life-changing initiatives in which they encourage people of all ages to take on challenges that they wouldn’t normally consider or that wouldn’t normally be available to them.

Guernsey Mind provides a service that promotes positive mental health for the community. They campaign locally to improve services, raise awareness and encourage understanding. They want to make it easier to get the right help as early as possible. They are fighting for a society that has a positive attitude towards mental health and wellbeing and where the community embraces respect for all.

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