Spencer update

Spencer continues on his quest to become a Guide Dog and has grown and developed significantly. That once tiny, uncoordinated bundle of fluff already seems a distant memory. He has improved further in his training and has learnt lots of new things. Spencer now wears a Guide Dogs puppy jacket while out on training walks which he quickly took to wearing. He pulled at it a little initially because it was a bit too big and was annoying him, but he quickly got used to it. He has now outgrown that jacket and is onto the next one.

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Spencer is Honing a New Skill

Recently, Spencer has been honing a new skill - his recall perfected during the free runs he's been able to enjoy since receiving the last of his vaccinations. His Puppy Raiser tells us that Spencer has 'the best recall' she's ever seen. He'll come to his name and whistle and if he's interested in something else and if she does a silly dance and blows his whistle, he comes running back to make sure she's okay (and to get his treat!)

Spencer's Trip to the Mainland UK

Spencer has been a very busy boy recently and has visited the mainland UK for two weeks. He spent a week with a Boarder where he was taken to some busy supermarkets, which he coped with brilliantly, and did some bus journeys. Whilst in the Mainland, Spencer also had a training session with a Supervisor who was very pleased with his progress.

Spencer's Development

Spencer still barks when he wants your attention but it's always because he needs something, for example, to be let outside, whether that's at home or if he needs to spend when they are in a cafe or supermarket. We think Spencer sounds like an absolute delight; a spirited pup who is doing well with his training and clearly thriving in a loving home. We look forward to updating you on Spencer's progress again soon.