A Dog Named Spencer

SandpiperCI has been working with Guide Dogs since 2013 and has the pleasure to announce the arrival of a third Guide Dog – aptly named Spencer.

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The cost to name and support a Guide Dog is £5,000 and is money well spent for the impact they can have on an owner’s life.

Spencer, born 12th November 2021, has now arrived in Jersey to begin his exciting journey. Currently an uncoordinated bundle of fluff, however, over the next few weeks and months he will begin his training to become a responsible Guide Dog. Spencer’s training will include initial socialising and walking with his new harness and then going on to learn every aspect of being a registered Guide Dog.

Spencer joins our brood of two others; Piper (a fully certified guide dog) and Morrison (a local ambassador dog). All the pups are welcome to our SandpiperCI stores and our Marks & Spencer King Street store is an especially wonderful training ground. Here the dogs have the opportunity to train on the escalators and lifts, which can be quite scary for a new puppy.

Every hour, another person in the UK goes blind. When someone lose their sight, Guide Dogs is there to make sure they do not lose their independence also. We are proud to continue our partnership with them.