Head of M&S Food Jersey Raises Money for Charity

Congratulations to David Lavington, Head of M&S Foods, and his fiancé, Stacey, for participating in the Island Walk on Saturday, June 19th.

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After being inspired by Stacey’s Father, the couple began walking during lockdown. For a few hours a day, walking helped to relax and clear the couples’ minds, as well as fill their weekends when there wasn’t much else to do. They decided that the Island Walk would be an excellent challenge and fundraising opportunity as well as a chance for the couple to see parts of the island they had never seen before, including sunrise!

They chose to raise money for a hospital which holds a special place in their hearts, The Royal Marsden Hospital. A world-class cancer centre dedicated to cancer diagnosis and treatment, the hospital is also one of the world’s top five cancer research centres, seeing more than 59,000 NHS and private patients each year. As a result of their registration fees, the pair has been able to support both local charities and use the money donated to support the Hospital.

The couple set off from Elizabeth Harbour at 2:33am. It was one of the most physically and emotionally demanding days of their lives, but they finished in an incredible 15 hours 32 minutes. They have raised a fantastic £1,815 which SandpiperCI proudly contributed £250 towards.

If you’d like to donate to their cause, you can do so through their Just Giving page.