SandpiperCI Charity Update May 2021

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Happy International Midwives Day!

5th May 2021

May 5th is International Midwives Day and to thank the Midwives for all the wonderful work they do at The Royal College of Midwives, Sandpiper has donated a large hamper full of luxury goodies.

SandpiperCI donate to Brighter Futures

10th May 2021

Sandpiper were pleased to support Brighter Futures by donating a mixture of clothing, homeware, bedding and curtains.

Our donation will be used by Brighter Futures to support families in Jersey who are facing significant challenges in their lives. Working with approximately 150 families at any time, although since Covid-19 an increased demand for services, has led them to support 182 families.

Community Engagement Officer, Judith said: “Donations like new bed linen and children’s clothes are an essential requirement for these families, especially after such a challenging year. Thank you again for thinking of Brighter Futures.”

SandpiperCI donate to Local Grammar School

21st May 2021

After a lengthy delay in 2020, Guernsey Grammar School was finally able to hold their post-lockdown quiz on Friday, May 21st. The PTA organized the quiz to raise funds for outdoor school events. Participants paid an entry fee, and Sandpiper were pleased to donate food for their ploughman’s dinner.

SandpiperCI donates to the Bluetits Swimming Club fundraiser

23rd May 2021

The Bluetits swimming club hosted a swim this Sunday at Bouley Bay. The swim was in celebration of Wendy Trehiou’s 10th year of being cancer-free and to raise money for Macmillan Jersey Cancer Support.

The Jersey Bluetits swim club, which has approximately 500 members, asked swimmers and supporters to decorate and wear pink bras, while men were asked to decorate their “bad buoys” in order to turn the sea pink.

Sandpiper was delighted to provide some luxurious gifts for the best dressed for the day.

Club member, Michelle Donnelly said: “I Just wanted to say thank you for supporting our Turn the Sea Pink for Wendy event. We have so far raised over £1,000 for Macmillan Jersey with money still coming in.”

Marks and Spencer Jersey donate to Acorn

28th May 2021

Acorn is a social company that provides job training and support to persons with a variety of disabilities and chronic illnesses who would otherwise struggle to obtain work in the open labor market.

Marks and Spencer Jersey recently donated a substantial quantity of new apparel, shoes, cushions, and drapes to their Reuse Shop.

Sandpiper were proud to support The Beresford Street Kitchen

Beresford street kitchen held a Golf Day 28th May where Sandpiper donated a case of luxury champagne for their raffle.

Well done to all of the teams and players who took part!